Thursday, November 24, 2016

Nightly ride to Western Finland

I’ve long been looking for a nice kitchen table with matching chairs. Due to my Love’s recent home decor enthusiasm, I’ve browsed a lot of old decor pictures and ads in internet, on books and magazines with him…


…and found breathtaking piece of furniture in wonderful colors.


I've been looking for a dining set also overseas, but haven’t found anything interesting. So was I happy as I can be when I found a complete set (a table and four chairs) for sale in online webshop here in Finland one day!

Seller didn’t want to reserve the dining set for anyone, so the only way to make it ours, was to be fast and go on the spot for a deal. Unfortunately, the seller lived some 400 kilometers (about 250 miles) away from us… Anyway, I was decided to get the set, so me and my Love headed for a nightly drive across the Southern Finland leaving around 6 p.m. on Friday night. We arrived in the light of the full moon at midnight there and made the deal. We were back home at seven on the Saturday morning... I had a day off the work on the Saturday (lucky me!) but my Love had to leave for a work trip right away! So, maybe you would like to see what I got? Well, here comes some pictures…

I have never seen a chair back like this one before!

Funniest detail ever: the dining set is completely same color as my Love’s Cadillac from year 1952!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Ruffles, Rhinestones & The Rapiers

Oh my goodness, it's been over a half year since my last post and I even haven’t any good reason (or even excuse) why this way. Anyway, let's fix this fact right away with this new outfit post!

This is probably worst time of the year to start blogging again, because soon we’ll be living in the middle of the darkest time of the year here in Finland. And, unfortunately, my old and cheap camera needs a lot of daylight for taking proper pictures. Nowadays, when blogs are filled with beautiful and good quality pictures, my dim pics taken with a flash look very retro (in a very bad way)...

Few weeks ago was organized, once again, a Rock 'n' Roll Night event in Järvenpää (small town nearby Helsinki, Finland). The last band of the night was The Rapiers (60's style British Beat group) and I was excited! I’d seen the band the last time about ten years ago, I loved it then and I still love it much!

And then to the point, the outfit of the night:

Mac Shore Blouse Classics labelled blouse with rhinestone buttons and rows of ruffles - Denisebrain
Jeans - eBay
Purse - Etsy
Springolators - Sivletto (Stockholm, Sweden)
Belt - Etsy
Earrings - Nasta vintage shop (Helsinki, Finland)


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