Monday, March 7, 2016

What was your very first vintage garment?

Elina, from lovely Hopeapeili Blog, published a very interesting post in her blog a little while ago. In the post she wondered what her oldest owned garment was and she also presented her blog readers the same question. The post was really nice and the comment box filled quickly. I thought to continue a little bit same theme and to present to you my very first vintage garments, tell the stories behind them and to ask you what were your very first vintage garments.

I purchased my very first vintage clothes and accessories already as a teenager. The cloth which has retained its place in my wardrobe for the longest time must be this, my mom’s old, Boutique 32 labelled dress. Its origin is the same as probably with many others novice vintage dressers, it was found from own granparents’ attic (in late 1990’s or early 2000’s).

Then my old friend. In my wardrobe there has been, almost as long as previous dress, this Mono labeled, English-made winter coat. I found it from a flea market in Helsinki. Lining of the coat was completely torn but the remainder of the coat was in perfect condition. Seamstress made a new lining to the coat and it has been my most used coat also during this winter!

I also found one old picture of this coat. The picture is from the beginning of the 2000’s (apologies for the poor quality of the pic, it is scanned from the old paper pic). Black go-go boots, which are shown (quite poorly) in the picture, are also one of my very first vintage purchases which are still with me.

Here is one of my longest owned 50’s dresses. I found this dress from the local flea market and I have owned it for a long time, but I just realized that I've never been wearing it!

So, now I would like to know what your very first vintage garments were and when and where did you find them?

Boutique 32 (dress)
Mono London (coat)

Saturday, March 5, 2016

And the winner is…

It's the time to publish the winner of The Lucky Bubbles anniversary lottery. Thank you all for participating and for lovely feedback! The draw was carried out using the traditional lottery tickets and as a lady luck was my mom once again.

And the winner is…

Congratulations Susan! Please contact to me by e-mail and I’ll put the package onto its way.


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