Friday, October 23, 2015

My all-time favorites: My bra and bustier tops

“My all-time favorites” is post series in which I present some of my and my sister’s favourite items by theme.


When people ask me sometimes what kind of vintage clothes I like the most, the answer is quite easy: wearable casual clothes (especially bra and bustier tops). I simply adore them! They can be paired endlessly with colorful novelty skirts, pedal pushers, tiny shorts and so on…

Unfortunately it's become harder and harder to find these and the prices of the vintage tops have gone out of control. The tops are sold often in just minutes, and it seems that you really have to be in the right place at the right time, if you gonna get the top in wearable size of your own now days. Maybe this is one reason why I like my own little collection more and more. In following pictures are presented some of my favorite ones from my closets.

Vintage bustier tops, like this one, are often so sturdy and well boned that you can easily wear them without bra. The same cannot be said of the modern tops.

LABEL: Edith Lane Beach Wear Originals - Julius Garfinckel & Co. Washington

I love everything in this top! I found it from eBay UK in a very reasonable price.

LABEL: Serena

This top has been seen previously in this post.

LABEL: Charmode - Sears Roebuck & Co.

 LABEL: St Michael

Similar to this top was on sale in turquoise on eBay a couple of years ago, but I lost the auction then. This spring I found the top in black. Thanks to fifties mass production!

LABEL: An Original Top Her Creation

One of my Queen Casuals labelled tops.

LABEL: Queen Casuals

It is often said that one of the cornerstones of the every woman’s wardrobe is a white blouse. If you ask me, 50’s vintage girl’s ”white blouse” is definitely bustier top in white (and black too).

LABEL: Queen Casuals

LABEL: Queen Casuals

LABEL: Telsalda

 LABEL: Top Her Creation

This top you can find also on this post.

LABEL: Carol Brent

A little bit a sailor mood.

LABEL: Charmode - Sears Roebuck & Co.

The other part of the two-piece outfit. The whole outfit you can check out in this post.

LABEL: Sun Ray Sportswear Miami

LABEL: No designer label. Union label.

LABEL: A Goddes Bra "A Revelation in Comfort"

I saw this top on sale also in lime green on Etsy but unfortunately it was already reserved for someone.

LABEL: Flexaire Bra by Flexees

Last but not least, Cadillac Original labelled party top. I bought this top a while ago with a matching skirt.

LABEL: Cadillac Original


  1. I go green with envy! What an adorable collection! I got some tops for myself during the years but they never ever fitted me a bit ... so I made some other Ladies happy via Etsy. I still hope one day I will find one that will fit me ...



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