Sunday, August 9, 2015

Our Crayfish Party No. 3

Let’s party again! This time we moved from the town to the countryside because was the time of our annual crayfish party!

I and my Love organized the party again as soon as the official crab catch season (nature catch become legal by the date in Finland) was begun. We wanted to organize an all outdoor party so we have chosen late July for organizing date every year although crayfish party is traditionally at the end of the summer season (more like in August).

I was wearing Sun Ray Sportswear labelled nautical two piece waffle cotton set. For jewelers I had blue charm bracelet and sea shell-shaped earrings.

Containment of the party was same old way, eating the crabs, singing, swimming (going to sauna too) and spending a great time with some friends. Here comes some pics of the party…

Buffet table and party guest. Biggest hit, after the cray fishes, of the buffet was definitely pie made of tasty Swedish cheese.

We have had generally a miserable weather throughout the summer here in Finland but luckily our party day on the Saturday was sunny and warm enough.

Sun Ray Sportswear Miami Florida (Top and skirt)


  1. You have absolutely the most perfect hair ever! It always looks incredible and perfect.

    1. Thanks Lisa! : ) I am always keen to try new hair styles.

  2. It seems to have been a lovely party!!!!
    The weather was so hot last year when we visited Finland!!!

  3. I remember last years post about the party ... And again, it looks wonderful and so does your outfit!

  4. Thank you Laurence and Ms. Falcon! I can’t wait to organize the cray fish party again next summer!



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