Thursday, May 7, 2015

My all-time favorites: My sister’s and my own Minna Parikka accessories

“My all-time favorites” is post series in which I present some of my and my sister’s favourite items by theme.


Updated: Monday, December 26, 2016

This collection isn’t any vintage, but I think that the lovers of old styles would like it anyway. The case is my sister’s and my own Minna Parikka accessories.

Minna Parikka is a Finnish shoe designer. Parikka launched her own name Minna Parikka Shoe brand in 2005. In addition to the shoes there are also other accessories in collections such as handbags, gloves, scarves, and wallets. Minna's work has been featured for example in Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, and seen worn by some celebricity women such as Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Paloma Faith and Beth Ditto. Design Forum Finland chose Minna Parikka as a Young Designer of the year 2014.

We love her feminine, playful and surreal design. Most parts of my everyday accessories that are not vintage pieces are by Minna Parikka.

We have quite lot of the same Minna Parikka accessories with my sister, and this is something we should keep in mind when we go out together : ).


From left to right, from top to bottom: Little Lulu, Wing it, Nouveau, Wilma


Caracals give so nice twist to everyday outfits so they are worth owning in many colors, says my sister.

Funny little kitten style ballet flats called Selina.


Classic motifs of Minna Parikka Shoes are hearts, wings and animal ears. These heels called Pfeiffer are definitely one of my all-time favorite everyday shoes by Minna Parikka. They turn my Mondays onto a whole new level!

Message Clutch


A must-have purchase of a huge fan of Minnie Mouse!

 Dessert Boot

From top to bottom: Jodie, Lin

From left to right, from top to bottom: Buster Spades, Millie, Sandy, Starlet

My sister admired those Millie Flats for a long time; however, she did not buy them then. Then, after a many years when all the pairs were sold out, she found them by accident as a second-hand. Also Sandy Loafers were purchased as a second-hand from a nice seller in Canada.

 Buster Spades


When buing lot of vintage, I must accept almost all being one-offs of a certain style. So when there is a chance to have something as a spare ones, I do get them multiple with such a joy! One example of these is Elaine-named ankle shoes, of which the other pair is just waiting its turn to be out.

Seiren (ankle boots)


These Ballets flats called Camellia, my sister liked so much that she bought them in all the available colors.

Grethel (red and white shoes)

My sister's treasures! Earlier production by Minna Parikka Brand which is, unfortunately, really hard to find nowadays. These three accessories have been found with a hard effort and some good luck.

 Tassle Royal, Jean

From left to right: Raquel, Bardot


I like to wear mostly ankle boots than long-handled boots in the winter time. But even thou’ these boots I could not resist.

From top to bottom: Bugs, Deco

Mine, my sister’s and mom’s wallets. Yes, my mom loves Minna Parikka styles too!


 Drew, Bugs


Thelma Clutch

Minna Parikka designed Pink Ribbon (charity symbol) in Finland in 2014. Purse is an add-on gift with a period magazine.


Maxines are definitely my favorite everyday handbags. My sister likes to use them mostly while in travel.


Corona is a just like a little sister of the Maxine. Too bad, that it was not manufactured in many different colors.

Corona, Little Lulu

Muse (shoes), Ginger (bags)

 Thelma, Ginger

And finally our latest purchases. On the left is my sister’s Corona Bag in pink and on the right my pink Ginger Bag in pink too.

By the way, also Princess Estelle of Sweden has her own Ginger bag in pink! It was selected by the president couple of Finland as the official gift to the new member of the Swedish Royal Family in 2012. And because I like Swedish Royal Family very much, I also wanted to have a real princess bag for myself.


  1. I'm sooooo jealous of the shell handbag! I've been looking for it for years. I am lucky to have the swan bag, though, but the shell bag would be a dream come true. Maybe one day... And what a Maxine collection! The handle of my own Maxine is in a poor condition, I wonder if it's repairable...

    1. Kiitos Anniina! Voimme varmaan jutella suomeksi : ). Simpukka- ja joutsenlaukut ovat kyllä melkoisia herkkuja. Itsekin etsiskelen myös noita vanhempia juttuja, esimerkiksi Polly-kengistä ostaisin varmaan koko värisuoran jos vain jostain löytäisin.

      Siskoni käytti muuten kiiltonahkaisen Maxinensa suutarilla, joka ompeli kahvat kiinni laukkuun niin, että ne pysyvät tukevasti pystyssä, jolloin kiiltonahka ja siinä olevat ompeleet eivät pääse taittumaan ja sen seurauksena mahdollisesti hajoilemaan. Helsingistä voin suositelle ainakin Kaivokadulla sijaitsevaa Alladinia, jolla käytän myös omat vintage-laukkuni korjattavana. Omat nappanahkaiset Maxineni ovat onneksi kestäneet kovaakin käyttöäni oikein hyvin (huh!).

      Onnea simpukkalaukun etsintöihin! : )



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