Sunday, April 12, 2015

My latest purchases: Colorful shipment from The Netherlands

I received a very colorful shipment from The Netherlands a while ago. First I purchased lemon, orange and white colored ones, and when the first shipment had arrived I was so fond of these that I ordered also pink, green and black ones. The earrings are made of soft plastic, and best of all, these cuties are new old stock and still on their original card!

When I was coming home from work last Thursday, I popped at local vintage shop from where I found these film stars trading cards from chewing gum. There were often trading cards as add-ons in Finnish chewing gum packages from the 1950's to the 1990's. Various trademarks had their own trading cards series such as Rakettipurkka (“Rocket Chewing Gum”) (in 1958 - 1959 by Chymos), Cowboy Series (in 1959 - 1961 by Champpion), FBI Series (by Fazer in 1961 - 1962), Beatles Series (by Hellas/Jenkki in 1964), My Little Pony Series (by Hellas/Jenkki in 1989) and so on.

These four trading cards include Film Stars Series A by Hellas/Jenkki from the late 1950’s or from the early 1960’s. Inverted card belong Film Stars Series X from the year 1961. So unnecessary, but so pretty!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Welcome spring and summer!

I told in my “Vintage shopping day in Helsinki” post that I made a purchase from optician called Optiikkahuone (where I bought also these spectacles some year ago, by the way).

I found these vintage sunglasses just at the right time for the spring and sunny days to come by at fast pace. Spectacles (with my own precept corrections) were completed quickly and now I am fully prepared the spring to be here!


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