Saturday, March 7, 2015

Vintage shopping day in Helsinki

I traveled to spend the winter vacation to my sister’s a little while ago. The program of the first day of the vacation was spent shopping around in local vintage shops.

I took the morning train, and arrived at opening hour of the shops. For reading on the train, I chose the newest issue of Golden Vintage -magazine, which has been only waiting for a suitable time for reading.

My first destination was certainly the most famous Finnish vintage shop called Play it again, Sam.
This is the shop where people are directed firstly, when they are coming to Finland for looking something called vintage at dressing styles.

Play it again, Sam, Address: Rauhankatu 2, Helsinki

From the Play it again, Sam boutique I carried on to Nasta-vintage shop, only few blocks away.

Nasta, Address: Liisankatu 15, Helsinki

Nasta is my personal favorite. I have done there a large amount of purchases over the years and hardly ever left the shop empty-handed.

My next destination was Hoochie Mama Jane.

Hoochie Mama Jane, Address: Agricolankatu 11, Helsinki

Because I’m a big fan of Oscar Gala, I cannot fail to mention that some items from this shop have also been seen in the Gala, when Finnish film “Do I Have to Take Care of Everything?” was nominated in the category of Short Film Live Action in 2014!

One of my shopping tour regulars is the Penny Lane. The shop is located in the gorgeous old business premises, which is an attraction in itself.

Penny Lane, Address: Runeberginkatu 37, Helsinki

On the shelves of this shop was a real killer, grand piano shaped Midas of Miami labelled plastic purse! Unfortunately, it was now not for sale.

I also popped at optician shop called Optiikkahuone to try on some vintage frames. In fact I made one purchase, which will be introduced maybe next time.

Surrounded by the beautiful vintage items keeps hunger at bay with ease, but at some point you have to move to from the boutiques to the restaurant to get something for that.

My choice this time was Kokomo Tikibar & Room.

The food was delicious and atmosphere was rather nice too.

And what could be better ending for the shopping day than stop by with a friend in the pub!

And what I found? Accordingly only grabbed thing this time, was the green colored super high waisted pedal pushers from the Nasta. I cannot wait that I get to wearing those!


  1. Oh my goodness - those shops look amazing, I would love to visit them all one day. And that piano Midas of Miami purse is one of my 'holy grail' items, I think I would have cried upon seeing it and then finding out it wasn't for sale!

  2. this looks like a bunch of fabulous vintage shops! wow!

  3. My word..
    It would take a massive effort to pull me out of these shops.
    We don't have anything even remotely similar over here - it's so packed with amazing little gems, and the jewelery, the dresses.. all those colors! I'm overwhelmed!


  4. Welcome to do some vintage shopping into Finland Ladies! : )



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