Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My all-time favorites: My sister’s black “Americanos” figures

“My all-time favorites” is post series in which I present some of my and my sister’s favourite items by theme.


These geezers always make me smile!

I bought “first inhabitants of this village” for a present to my sister for some years ago and after that she has continued to collect many more.

There is a lot of happening in the “village”, such as the two brave guys wining up the alligator, couple of bands playing groovy music… In some of these there is a thermometer attached and others are just souvenirs from the United States, most often from Florida State.


  1. how cute they are! especially the Miami Beach band caught my heart ... and the alligator guys! I will keep an eye up on these figures when we will be visiting my man's family in the US this summer.

  2. The are so sweet!
    I have seen them as a kid, but never owned a single piece. They evoce the 1950s spirit.


  3. Thank you! : ) Too bad that I'm so lazy to visit flea markets, there could be some of them available.



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