Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dress by Debby of California

I have been looking for shirt dresses lately and as you can see searches have yielded results.

I don’t know where my enthusiasm for shirt dresses comes from. Maybe it’s because of my Mad Men (TV-series) watching marathon, which has lasted for some time. One of my style icons from television is definitely Betty Draper, and I think that one of the most iconic clothes from Betty Draper’s wardrobe are shirt dresses. Do you agree?

Picture taken from here

I found this Debby of California labelled shirt dress with amazing squiggle print from the Crush Vintage Etsy Shop.

Picture taken from here

I tried on some grey accessories with the dress but I ended up, however, with black ones.

White milk glass earrings and matching bracelet are from Nasta Vintage Shop (in Helsinki).


  1. LOVE this outfit! I, too, am a fan of shirt dresses. I think there's something very classic but stylish about them. I'm also a fan of Crush Vintage on Etsy - I've bought a few nice things from there :)

  2. You look amazing in this dress! And your styling, hair and accessories are on point! ♥
    Love from Sunny California!

  3. That dress is definitely very "Betty Draper"! I love this look! :)

  4. you looks as adorable as always!!!!
    shirt dresses are my favourites. they are perfect for everyday life and make you look (almost) normal behind your office desk at work. for sure 50% of my dresses are shirt waist dresses. i would love to steal yours right away, to add it to my collection ... hehehe.

  5. This is SO gorgeous! I absolutely love and adore shirtdresses.



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