Thursday, February 19, 2015

First blog anniversary & GIVEAWAY

Today is exactly one year from the first The Lucky Bubbles post! I am glad that you have found my blog and I want to thank you for the comments that you have left during the year. I’m sorry that my answering to comments has been delayed sometimes. However, I always read all comments and they please me very much.

To celebrate, I organize now an anniversary lottery!

In this how to participate:

- Leave a comment to the comment box (Remember to figure out a name for yourself if you leave a comment anonymously.). You can also leave your request for a topic of posting etc. I appreciate very much your feedback.

- If you are unable to leave a comment to the comment box, you can also participate in the lottery by sending me an email.

- Entry time is two weeks, until March 5th, at 23:59 (UTC + 2 h).

- I ship worldwide.

Good luck everybody!

And here comes the prize:

New, unused 1940’s Bakelite style reproduction "frozen cherries" necklace. I love this kind of reproduction jewelries in everyday wearing. They are much more carefree to wear than original vintage pieces.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dress by Debby of California

I have been looking for shirt dresses lately and as you can see searches have yielded results.

I don’t know where my enthusiasm for shirt dresses comes from. Maybe it’s because of my Mad Men (TV-series) watching marathon, which has lasted for some time. One of my style icons from television is definitely Betty Draper, and I think that one of the most iconic clothes from Betty Draper’s wardrobe are shirt dresses. Do you agree?

Picture taken from here

I found this Debby of California labelled shirt dress with amazing squiggle print from the Crush Vintage Etsy Shop.

Picture taken from here

I tried on some grey accessories with the dress but I ended up, however, with black ones.

White milk glass earrings and matching bracelet are from Nasta Vintage Shop (in Helsinki).


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