Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Treasures from my grandma's attic

I found from my closet a treasure, which I had almost forgotten, and decided to share it right away with my readers.

The case now is my grandma’s handicraft and pattern magazines and patterns, which I got from my grandma for more than ten years ago. As a teenager I sewed a lot by using just these patterns! Although I haven’t sewn or made handicraft now for years, I've luckily saved this collection.

My grandma had a lot of patterns from the 1940s to 1990s. Some of the patterns were purchased and some of them she had drawn herself. Unfortunately, I was unable to save the whole collection. I’ve pictured some of the pages and patterns.

These patterns have been used for making of clothes for my grandma, my mother and myself. For example my granma sew a red overcoat from the cover of Burda magazine in the 60’s and some 30 years after there was a yellow coat done for me!


  1. Those are absolutely stunning patterns!

  2. Now this is a treasure, really!

    1. Thank you ladies! : ) I wish I had been able to save the whole collection.

  3. All hail BURDA magazine!
    (and, if I'm not mistaken, there are some Neue Mode behind it)
    What a wonderful find. I'm sure it'll give you hours of injoyment and an endless inspiration. I know it will - I have those myself. :)


    1. Yes, I also have a few Neue Mode magazines from the 60s! Those magazines really are an endless source of inspiration.



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