Sunday, August 17, 2014

My latest purchases

I’ve been done some shopping during the HOT summer weeks. As you can see, most of the purchases fit well for the summer heat!

- Black Queen Casual labelled bustier top – At last! I’ve been looking for all black bustier top a long time and now I found it!

- Pink blouse – Complete impulse purchase in very reasonable price.

- Grey bucket purse – This bucket purse is my sister’s find. She bought it for me from Nasta vintage shop (in Helsinki).

- Suki Originals labelled plastic purse.

- Black and white Harrods labelled shorts.


  1. great find! ... hopefully summer is long enough, that we can see these pieces on you.

  2. You are going to look gorgeous in that bustier top! X

  3. Thank you ladies! It seems that I have to wait to until next summer before I can be able to wear my hot weather purchases again. We have had a sense of the oncoming autumn, because of the rainy and cool weather…



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