Monday, July 7, 2014

Viva Las Vegas No. 17 - Sunday evening

By the evening of Sunday I was only member of my “Viva Team” who had no fever on. That's why I was also only one who was able to party every day and night during all four days, lucky me.

This Sunday night outfit is the last outfit of my “Viva No.17 outfit series” (because I do not have pics of my Saturday night and Sunday day outfits).

I was wearing a colorful mexican skirt with red Koret of California labelled sun top. For jewelry I had chosen red Bakelite earrings and matching charm bracelet.

In addition to that I had a red wicker purse and black wedges of suede and clear plastic.

We left Las Vegas on Monday morning and flew to New York. On Tuesday afternoon we sauntered already on the Manhattan street.

This post is to bid farewell for VLV No.17. I hope you enjoyed my Viva posts, I really enjoyed being there!


  1. Gorgeous! Beautiful colors!

  2. the skirt and the red top are wonderful together ...
    i hope, you had a good time in new york aswell.

  3. Thats skirt is absolutely perfect, you look gorgeous miss!



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