Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Girl Next Door on The Strip

On the Viva Friday afternoon we headed to The Strip!

I was wearing a dress that reminds me more of the girl next door than Vegas Babe. Anyway this nice cool halter neck sun dress suited well for sightseeing on a hot afternoon.

I bought the dress from Internet some years ago. The seller said that the dress was a vintage piece, so I was really disappointed when I received the dress which was newly made (not any vintage) and tailor made... Anyway it was cute and well-made (a real masterpiece of craftsmanship!) so I decided to keep it.

With the dress I had chosen a transparent plastic belt, one of my favorite jewelry set by Coro, a white box purse and comfortable modern ballerina shoes.


  1. You look great miss. Great blog too, definitely coming back! X

  2. maybe this dress is not vintage but it lookas super vintage!!! i would wear it right away! 'girl next door dresses are my favourites.

    1. I love this kind of girly and cute dresses too. And because dress is not a vintage piece it is easy to wear and wash.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! That really is a lovely reproduction piece!



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