Sunday, June 29, 2014

Viva Las Vegas No. 17 - Car Show

The Car Show was of course one of my most anticipated happenings at VLV. Cars, bands, vendors… yum!

I collected all VLV car videos and pictures into one video. Most of the pictures have been taken before the official Car Show day (Saturday) because on Saturday there was very crowded and really difficult to take proper car pics.

So you can watch the video here:

And then to the vendor area…

In addition to this cute bathing suit we found nice souvenir for our friend.

At the Car Show I was wearing tricolor outfit. I had houndstooth printed tricolor bra top with blue denim pedal pushers and a red belt. I LOVE 50's tops (bustier, bra, sun...), so it was only natural that I packed some of those for the holiday.

I also had a red wicker purse, white mules...

...and tricolor jewelers on.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Viva Las Vegas No. 17 Pool Party

On the Sunday afternoon we headed to the Pool Party to watch Ladies Swimsuit Contest. I had time only to see the podium ceremony of the competition, so unfortunately I do not have any pics of these lovely competitors. Have you? Or do you know any blogger who would have?

At the Pool Party I was wearing one of my dearest vintage pieces. It is my Catalina labelled black play suit with colorful novelty print.

I simply adore those funny little geezers reading newspapers on the print. They look like they must be on the holiday as I am!

I also had turquoise vinyl mules and turquoise deadstock earrings by Florida Fashion.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Girl Next Door on The Strip

On the Viva Friday afternoon we headed to The Strip!

I was wearing a dress that reminds me more of the girl next door than Vegas Babe. Anyway this nice cool halter neck sun dress suited well for sightseeing on a hot afternoon.

I bought the dress from Internet some years ago. The seller said that the dress was a vintage piece, so I was really disappointed when I received the dress which was newly made (not any vintage) and tailor made... Anyway it was cute and well-made (a real masterpiece of craftsmanship!) so I decided to keep it.

With the dress I had chosen a transparent plastic belt, one of my favorite jewelry set by Coro, a white box purse and comfortable modern ballerina shoes.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Oilers Flea Market on the 29th May 2014

Now I would like to share couple of pictures of Oilers Rock ‘n’ Roll Flea Market and thank all my lovely customers! I am very happy that some of my items for sale found new good homes.

There was a lot of good stuff for sale.

Spectacles to die for…

…and the seller of the spectacles.

In good company the day passed quickly!

I found this bright yellow plastic bag and I’m going to use it with my black-yellow everyday jeans outfit as soon as weather is gets better.


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