Monday, April 28, 2014

Viva Las Vegas No. 17 - Thursday

I woke up quite early in the Thursday morning. We were traveling 23 hours on Wednesday and therefore I was tired, I had a horrible headache and I threw up in my hotel room during the morning… After many cups of coffee and drinking plenty of water I recovered surprisingly fast.

In the noon I was fully ready for Viva...

...and first Mojitos at the Orleans’ pool!

Thursday was exciting day for me because vendor rooms opened first time. We were there just on time when the doors opened at 5 pm…

…and soon we were in the middle of the vintage explosion! On Thursday there was so crowded so following pics are taken on Friday.

Kamehameha! Unfortunately it was too big for me.

I fell in love this raffia skirt but I did not buy it. Now I have started to think have I missed something special…

My sister made purchases at the Remix stall. Unfortunately I did not find anything to buy from the vendors.

On Thursday night I was wearing pink casual outfit.

Only vintage item in my sister’s outfit was this time red earrings. With polka dot blouse and pencil skirt she had chosen Corona handbag and Caracal loafers, both handbag and shoes by Minna Parikka. The spectacles she found from Hong Kong.


  1. Wow, so did you find anything at viva? You look cute in your outfits.

    1. Thank you! : )

      My only two purchases were bathing suit from car show and suspender skirt from the vendor room at Sunday sale. I saw the skirt on Thursday but it has broken zipper so original price was too high. I under spent my shopping budget as never before!

  2. I looked at that same Kamehameha but did not try it on! I waited to hit the vendors until Sunday when many of the prices were marked down. Of course there was no reduction on the Remix wedges I purchased! Thankfully I did save $50 on the skirt I bought though :)

    Hope you find another raffia skirt some day!

    1. I have new focus in eBay and Etsy now for raffia skirts! : )



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