Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Red bow heels

I've been doing less than usual good finds lately, but one nice thing happened a while ago. I found a few years ago a pair of heels with bows of red and black colours to die for. They proofed to be way too small for me and with sad feelings I had them stored in my closet, without being able to use them or having guts to let them go away. On last fall, when I cleaned goods from my closet for the Oilers Motorcycle Club vintage clothing and stuff flea market, I finally decided that the shoes were allowed to leave. They sold fast and even ended up having a good home with the new owner.

I had totally forgotten about the shoes, until a short time after the flea market I found by chance another red heels with bows of my life and in this time in my size! Now I only hope to find a “new” red and black handbag to match the shoes, so any hints for that are most welcome : ).


  1. i love both versions of the red bow heel ...

    it's sad to have the perfect shoe but it's not fitting right. i'm just sellin some of my -not right fitting- shoes on ebay ...

  2. They are a lovely pair of shoes. I find it hard to let things that I love (but don't love me back) go. I hope you find a bag to match soon and will keep my eyes peeled when I'm on ebay or etsy- if I see anything promising I will let you know. xx Shauna

  3. Ihania flamingonpunaisia tavaroita kampauspöydällä!



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