Thursday, April 24, 2014

Greetings from Nevada!

We just returned from a vacation in the United States and we have passed on among other things four days of hard partying in Las Vegas, at least twice a day changing the vintage outfits. So next posts will include, at least some of my Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender No 17 outfits!

I left my own VLV wardrobe selecting to the last minute. A couple of weeks prior the departure, I had not any idea what I'm going to wear. Panic increased by the fact that for instance my sister had presented to me her own ready to go VLV wardrobe already shortly after last Christmas... I also had a little packing problem that affects my outfits choices and makes me feel myself a little bit nutty sometimes. It is the fact that I shall be a bit afraid to pack my dear vintage items into checked-in baggage (going to cargo hold). I try to stuff it all in my hand baggage (nutty, am I ?)... However after many compromises, luggage weighing and a one visit at the seamstress, my VLV wardrobe was finally complete and it looked on the “planning paper” like this.

I updated my Samsonites and finally my wardrobe was ready for departure via London to America. So in the next posts we are going to Las Vegas. Welcome on board!


  1. Wow! I love how organised you are! I'm pretty much the same, when I went to America in 2011, I planned out all my outfits for the three weeks I was going to be there! Crazy, I know, but as I was going to different towns/ cities, it really helped when it came to packing.

    Looking forward to seeing your VLV photos!

  2. That is some seriously amazing organising, I'm borrowing this idea next time I have to pack for an extended trip for sure!
    I hope you had a great time, I've been following all the VLV action on instagram and it looked like the best weekend ever.

  3. can't wait to read your viva posts ....

  4. Such splendid organisation!
    I too am terrified of travelling with my favourite vintage.

  5. This kind of outfit plan helps with packing and is great help when the time comes to wear it. From list you can easily check parts of daily outfits, so you do not forget to wear some parts (like my sister did, forgot to wear her jewelries one night!).

    I work all the time more VLV posts! : )



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