Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Springtime is here!

Originally posted on April 19th, 2013

Since my photographer is on work trip, I can’t have my outfit pictured. This time I am posting a special one, without presenting a full outfit.

The signs of spring are here day after day, academic year is coming to end and people are having their hobby cars out from garages. This is why I started on one day to miss my summer season clothes. So it is time to have a peek in storage boxes and say Hello! to spring and summer wardrobe!

Next I am trying to rise your spring fever by presenting some of the finds from my boxes.

From a first box I found pair of shorts and pedal pushers cutely folded over.

Some sun tops to follow.

I couldn’t even imagine a summer look without straw and wicker purses.

Butterflies and roses…

…flowers and Hawaiian prints…

…polka dots, harlequin and colourful mexican prints. Oh dear, how I have missed these prints!

Some shoes in summery colors.

White earrings belong to summer, as flower earrings of course do.

This is maybe a bit too early, but here are couple of my bathing suits.

Wellcome sunshine!

Bye, bye wool and furs!


  1. Your warm weather wardrobe is the sort that would make any vintage gal the world over go weak in the knees, her heart skipping many a beat in the process. Let me tell you, dear gal, that's precisely what seeing it made me feel like!

    Happy return of spring and the season of fabulous, lightweight dressing!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Oooo, such perfect storage and such gorgeous goodies! X

  3. Wow, your shoe and bag collections are magnificent!
    Feel free to send that box of winter hats down to me - it's starting to get a little bit nippy in Australia! ;)

    1. Here has been couple of very warm days. However we will get more snow again this weekend...



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