Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs

On the last weekend of October was organized a Rock 'n' Roll Night event in Hyvinkaa (small town nearby Helsinki, Finland) has meant to me already for some years the opening of the “winter party season” in Finland and as such, it worked out to be also this autumn. However, my outfit was not very winter like, because I wanted to get to wear my new dress purchase…

…that was spades, hearts, diamonds and club printed cotton day dress of black, pink, light yellow and light blue colors.

On the dress was rhinestone decorated bodice, so I chose for handbag the Florida Handbags labelled Lucite handbag that has also some rhinestone decoration. In addition to that I had blue vinyl sandals and yellow earrings.

I had won a little while a gift card of VintagEijas’s vintage shop from a lovely Hopeapeili blog anniversary lottery, so as fast as we had arrived at the hotel we headed for her shop stall. My friend found a big pile of thing to try on and so was I too soon…

…I fell in love with this strapless dress with velvet trims, but sadly it did not fit me and I had to hand over the dress back to Eija, who sold the dress on during the same night.

After the fitting hassle and a couple of drinks we went back to our room to change clothes for the evening. When my friend opened her suitcase, I was sold with that. From her suitcase she took out a pink Emma Domb labelled party dress for the evening, perfect or what do you think?


  1. three wonderful dresses ... the one you wore, the one you didn't bought and your freinds dress ... STUNNING!

  2. Exquisite frocks, all three!
    You have a lovely smile...X

  3. I always enjoyed your posts on Fintage so I'm glad you've started your own blog! This dress is to-die-for!!

  4. You really did run straight to the stall...I see your suitcases in the background! I love your dress, the pattern is so dainty and the yellow sets it all off so well. I'm sad that the dress you tried on didn't fit. It looked so lovely, no wonder she sold it that night! Your friends pink dress blew me away- pink, yummy, marshmallow heaven. xx Shauna



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