Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My latest purchase

Originally posted on August 9th, 2013

We made a weekend trip to Stockholm last weekend and our plan was, of course, to go vintage shopping. We had made a good “shopping plan”, chosen shops, planned visiting routes and found out opening hours of the shops. The plan was good, but we found really hardly anything interesting.

We started the day from Sivletto.

From Sivletto I made the only vintage buys of the whole trip. Last time I found there a full bag of shoes, skirts and knit wear, but this time it all was only one bathing suit. Sivletto is one of my favorites in Stockholm, and always fun to visit even nothing special is found.

A sunny weekend in the summer is not the best time shopping time, at least when most of the places to visit are the small specialty shops. Although we had sorted out opening hours in advance, some shops were closed just for that weekend. On a door of a one shop note said, “Sorry, closed today because it is just too warm day to work”, and on the door of vintage shop called Lisa Larsson was found the note on the picture below.

Here are all my purchases. The light weight bamboo shelf which was a homecoming gift, was also from Sivletto. My shopping companion vintage-buys were only one 1940’s neck tie (for her hubby).

And then to the point. The outfit of today.

At this time I introduce my latest purchase, the black and white bathing suit, I bought from Sivletto. I could not resist this combination of wide hem and strapless top!

On the background you can see a small part of biggest sand castle in Finland.

Black and white sunglasses and milk glass earrings are from Nasta.


  1. the sunnies, the sunnies, the sunnies! love them!!! original 50s sunnies doesn't like me. i just purchased a late 50s pair from a flea market from the outskirts of berlin ... they look great but not in my face ...

  2. iWhat a cute pair of bathers-I love the flounce at the bottom. The two tone glasses match it so well, very stylish. xx Shauna



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