Sunday, March 16, 2014

It’s my bowling party!

Originally posted on June 28th, 2013

Friends, strikes and bubblies, those were included in my birthday party on the other Friday. I had invited my friends to go bowling with me, and the night was superb!

At that night I was wearing my new favorite colour, green. I purchased this Betty Barcley dress from eBay some time ago and it is one of my favorites at the moment. For shoes I had chosen white mules, and my purse was white wicker purse. The shoes and ball (purple one) which are in the pic are rented from the bowling hall (not vintage).

For jewellery I had the matching sports jewels: pins and bowling balls earrings and bracelet.

Brunswick labelled bowing bag, ball and shoes I bought years ago from the local old-goods store. The bag is not very feminine and I do not even know its age, but there are fun memories with it, so I have kept it. In fact, my dream is to find a pink bowling set at an appropriate size one day.

I have also received some lovely birthday presents that you certainly will see in my upcoming posts! Here is already a little tasting of the coming…



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