Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ice skating!

Originally posted on December 14th, 2012

I love Christmas time! It is a time for my family and friends, brilliant Christmas songs and being outdoors in beautiful Finnish nature. For this I am now presenting you my skating outfit.

I am wearing a quilted velveteen full circle skirt, which was manufactured by Ardee Sportwear of California. With that I am having a beaded sweater. Since I intend to introduce only vintage stuff in this blog, I must mention that I am not positively sure if this sweater is a “new” or “old”. I bought it from eBay. When receiving it I saw the label, which made me doubt that it can be brand new production as well. Any way I like it very much, and it is nice in my sport outfit.

On my head there is a fur headband, which has a red velvety middle part. Snowflake shape earrings are of soft plastics. The skates are my mother’s oldies. My grandpa bought them for her Christmas present in 1962, and they have been in use already for five decades.

This is my last posting before Christmas, so I am wishing now You all a Merry and Peace Full Christmas all over where You are!



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