Monday, March 17, 2014

Heat wave

Originally posted on July 12th, 2013

Heat wave had spread over to Finland by the weekend before the last. In the town it was stifling hot, so we decided to drive to the country side and go right away by the lake. Destination was sweet, mini size island called Cat Island, by which we took couple pics of my daily outfit.

I bought this pink bathing suit from a vintage shop called Play it Again Sam a few years ago. Lucite confetti clamper bracelet and matching earrings I had as a birthday present from my mom this year and the sunglasses I found from Etsy this spring. At that night was my friend’s birthday party, so I had made a big bun already in the morning for the evening.

I do not have a summer holiday at all in this summer, but I want to enjoy all the joys of the summer, organize parties, go to parties and happenings, spend time on the lake, etc… This is why I’m really, really busy girl and I am going to skip one posting in this month. I’ll be back again on the August 10th!



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