Saturday, March 8, 2014

Gold and bronze

Originally posted on February 8th, 2013

I’ve been really busy lately with my studies, so I’ve not had time to shoot pictures of my outfits. For this reason the outfit that I present now is shot a long time ago. Actually it is shot at the end of last summer on a sunny Saturday. I know many Finns, shivering in the middle of snow, are eagerly waiting for the summer to come. So I hope this summerly pic will bring a flash of something to come for them.

I purchased this gold and bronze coloured dress with matching belt from VintagEija’s at the Waltikka Rock and Roll Ball some years ago. Bronze coloured satin shoes with gold coloured spike heels I had bought earlier from Nasta. I was really happy when I came back home from the parties with my new dress, and I noticed that the color combinations of the dress and shoes were matching.

In addition to that I found also box purse, which had completely same color combinations than shoes. After that my outfit was about ready, only without the jewellery. I wanted to keep my outfit simple, so only the ones that I chose were big gold colour earrings from Nasta.

I love collecting items, but the best part is when I get one outfit ready. This part comes when all jigsaw pieces (shoes, handbag, hat, jewellery etc.) fall into their right places. This is one of those which I remember well when putting it together.


  1. Nice colour combo, as always :) I don't know what kind of job you have, but it would be nice to see your outfits for work, too. How do you transform your 50s glamour to a 2010s office-friendly outfit? This is just a suggestion, and a question that now and then comes up as a problem in my own life, probably in other vintage enthusiasts' lives as well.

    1. Good idea! I am very lucky because I can wear quite informally at the work. However I prefer mix also new clothes and accessories with vintage items. So my outfits at the work are not usually pure vintage.



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