Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dress of my dreams

Originally posted on June 14th, 2013

Today there is a reason for celebration. It is my birthday and in addition to that tomorrow it is a full year since my first Fintage Fashion Show -posting! Thank you all for lovely comments that you have left throughout the whole year! On this special day I will present a dress which is very special for me.

I was about sixteen years old when I browsed through the Sears’ 1958 Spring / Summer Mail Order Catalogue pictures. Then I saw the dress of my dreams, it was wide hem day dress with colorful, Japanese motif print on the hem and collar. After the first sight, I returned to this catalog picture every now and then, and every time I saw the dress again I was equally fascinated! This spring, many years after I had seen the dress for the first time, long-term wish came true and I found the dress. I had never tried to look for it, and now I found it quite by accident!

The other Saturday, I packed my bags and I went to visit my sister. We stopped along the way to see an old railway station.

Unfortunately, the trains have not anymore stopped at the station by some years, so if you want a ride from this station, you have to find another means of transportation…

…And in this case it wouldn’t be an bad option at all, or what do you think about my brother-in-law’s AJS 18 motorbike from 1951?

When we got there we started the night out with my sister at the Summer Opening Party at Minna Parikka Universum. After that we continued to Restaurant Kaisaniemi for a Rock ‘n’ Roll party.

I was wearing for the first time my new dress, which I had added a black belt. For the shoes I had chosen black sandals.

I also had Wilardy labeled Lucite purse which I received as a present from my sister a some time ago.

For jewellery I had white charm bracelet and matching earrings. All my travelling gear was packed in my weekend bag, which I bought few years ago from Ofelia Second Hand Market.


  1. this skirt is so awesome.
    i remember, when you posted the original post, i really wanted to comment on this post, because i loved the outfit so much - but couldn't ... i don't have a facebook, so the fintage blog is not a good place to comment on for me ;)



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