Thursday, March 13, 2014


Originally posted on May 17th, 2013

I adore my sister’s vintage jewelry collection. She doesn’t, like me either, to purchase fine jewelry, but collectible pieces made of materials like Bakelite, Lucite and rhinestones. Trademarks as Lisner, Napier etc. Usually when I visit at her home, she presents me her latest purchases. Sometimes we change and buy jewelries from each other, but I’m really lucky, because she also lends her own pieces for me. And, in fact, this grand parure cherries set that I am wearing now is lent from my sister’s jewelry box. She collected patiently parts of set from different places until all the parts were there. All I can say is that patience pays off, or what do you think?

Ice broke up on a nearby lake on the first week of May and the week after that I was able to take a look at ice-free lake from the island, which is one of my favorite picnic places in the summertime. By the water it was cold, so warm wool skirt and mink collar cardigan were a good combination. The shoes are one pair of my everyday favourites from my all time favorite vintage shop, called Nasta. Handbag is labelled “Ingber” and it is from my sister’s collection.

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