Saturday, February 22, 2014

Brown Kamehameha dress

Originally posted on July 13th, 2012

Today I am wearing a brown Kamehameha Hawaiian dress, which has a print that matches perfectly on a hot summer day. It has figures of sail boats, fishermen, surfers, palm trees, pineapples, sea shells and flowers. Kamehameha is one of my favourite Hawaiian dress labels. This Kamehameha I had as a present from my boyfriend.

My handbag is of plastic covered braiding and Lucite plastic. The shoes are made of white leather and vinyl plastic.

As I was touring last summer in Stockholm vintage shops and visited for first time in Sivletto, where I found these shoes. Our party did many good shoppings in Sivletto and my mom especially was very fond of this shop.

The earrings are of New Old Stock from Hawaiian retailer who closed already in the late 1950s. The handbag and charm bracelet are obtained from eBay.

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